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conclusion in research paper about bullying

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A victim must know they are not alone and they can find help. She had been a student of South Hadley High School located in Massachusetts, and had endured a lot of cyber bullying through popular websites like facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and Form spring and she also received threatening messages on her cell phone Clabough, Some of the effects of bullying include self-esteem problems that may cause the adult to think lowly of themselves Dombeck, n.

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Methodology This research paper is an insight into an in-depth analysis of a review of the literature with respect to bullying and why laws should be passed across the United States on the same in an effort to curb this vice. Bullying at work is a much greater problem than people once realized. Victims of bullies, on the other hand, are usually very insecure, cautious and they suffer from low self-esteem Olweus, n.

A victim of bullying can look for an escape if no support is found.

Supporting Evidence for the Recommendation: Conclusion 6. They suffer from low self-esteem since they are usually self-rejected by the classmates.

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Conclusion: Bullying is a serious problem that can dramatically affect the ability of students to progress academically and socially. The first step of intervening is to ensure the victim's safety.

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What makes your conclusion type more effective? Additional research is needed to determine the specific components of an anti-bullying law that are most effective in reducing bullying, in order to guide legislators who may amend existing laws or create new ones.

My introduction gives the reader the thesis statement.

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The words spoken tend to have long-term consequences and effects on the victims as they affect the self-esteem and confidence. Victims of bullying tend to be very unhappy while in schools and they end up getting depressed and have low self-esteem Wright, The law also states that the policy should among others have procedures that should be followed whenever a bullying case is reported by a student.

One case, in particular, is the case of Phoebe Prince, a year student who committed suicide after she was continuously bullied conclusion in research paper about bullying her new classmates for over 3 conclusion in research paper about bullying Rota, More stern measures can be put up if the bullies do not change their behavior.

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Bullying, however, is carried creative writing comments for report cards secretly and in hidden conclusion in research paper about bullying and adults including parents and teachers are not able to notice when it is going on. The technological methods include mass communication form of media that the victim can access directly or indirectly. These programs should Include the needs of students already involved in bullying, either as individuals who bully, who are targets of bullying, or who are bystanders.

How? Why? Can it be stopped?

When the bullying also takes place outside the school thesis statement for the great gatsby symbols, the parents and teachers example introduction thesis statement with the community can cooperate with the police to prevent and stop it. Responding to Cyberbullying. There are several characteristics that bullies have in common especially in the schools.

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These statistics show that many victims of bullying look toward committing suicide because they find no way out or no help. Anti-bully laws can help eliminate this kind of bullying together with the other do your homework or not of bullying conclusion in research paper about bullying have been in practice.

Bullying Bullying is a serious problem that is affecting the academic and social lives of the school going children. The truth of the matter is that the aggression that is both physical and emotional should not be taken to be a normal part of childhood and action should be taken against it.

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Cyberbullying is the latest and most commonly used form of bullying in the schools today. Make it personal and give the essay committee a reason to sit up and take notice of you, recommends MIT And. Moreover, Digizen n.

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These public-private collaborations should also focus on the dissemination and sharing of what is learned through their data collection discovery stories creative writing. The perpetrator can thesis statement for co education spread rumors to shame the victim. The Long Term Effects of Bullying. They tend to come from families where their parents are overprotective.

RESEARCH ( BULLYING ): Chapter 5- Summary, conclusion, recommendation

Conclusion 6. Bullying by some parents is viewed as a natural part of childhood and they tend to dismiss their children when they disclose the fact that they are being bullied in schools The National ALLIANCE for Parent Centers, Homophobic isolation is the type of isolation that is practiced by the bullies on the children who are termed as gay or they are seen to be gay Staffordshire, n.

They hold the opinions that the more that the children are dissertation office uchicago the more they do your homework or not able to toughen up and become strong emotionally and physically. It has led to physical violence in forms of fight and in some extreme cases deaths by suicides.

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There are various that the school can help the victims overcome the bullying and prevent it from occurring to them again.

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In some cases, the victims can be humiliated to a point where they commit suicide to avoid humiliation. It is similar to harassment, which is where someone's behavior is offensive. Bullying can also lead to drug use.

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Bullying: Conclusion