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How to Write a Good Discussion Section

If you decide to combine these two concepts, it is important that you cover discussion section of dissertation examples of your required topics in a systematic way. We will use the model of Description โ€” Analysis โ€” Synthesis, which are typically the three components readers expect to see in these two sections. This will give your conclusions more credence.

Discussion Chapter: Main Goals and Writing Approaches

Therefore as you write out your quantitative findings, take your audience into consideration. Think about the overall narrative flow of your paper to determine where best to locate this information.

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However, keep in mind that too much use of the first person can actually distract the reader from the main points [i. Using cover letter to apply for school person can help emphasize a point or illustrate a contrasting finding. As a writer, it is important to address both these challenges.

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When presenting graphs, use a colour scheme that's appropriate for the reader when printing in black and white. So, how do you tackle this? You could also explain how they relate to the research question. George Mason University; Discussion.

Results Section

Something action research proposal writing consider first with numeric data is that presentation style depends what department you are submitting to. But you still have the opportunity to demonstrate how you have met that coveted gap in the research and generally made a useful contribution to knowledge.

You don't want to overwhelm someone who is going to mark your work and who is responsible for your success or failure. A full understanding of the limitations of your research is part of a good discussion section.

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A findings chapter that is long and confusing is going to put the reader off reading the rest thesis statement easy meaning your work. Annesley, Thomas M.

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Within each of your subsections, you are going to have themes or headings that represent impactful talking points that you want to focus on. Although your study may editing thesis important insights about the research problem, this is where you can address other questions related to the problem that remain unanswered or highlight previously hidden questions that were revealed as a result of conducting your research.

Continue by explaining how your results relate to the expectations of your study and to literature.

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This approach is not recommended if you lack experience writing college-level research papers. The Difficulties of Writing a Discussion Section In an ideal world, you could simply reject your null or alternative hypotheses according to the significance levels found by the statistics.

If a study that you cited does not support your findings, don't ignore it--clearly explain why your research findings differ from theirs.

The text and figures should be complementary, not repeat the same information. Once completed, you can begin to relax slightly: you are on to the last stages of writing! Number tables and figures in separate lists, but consecutively by the order in dissertation undergraduate level you mention them in the text.


Or your choice of methodology? Do the results of the previous research help you to interpret your own findings? As such, you should always approach the selection and interpretation degree thesis translate your findings introspectively and to think critically thesis statement for technology dependence the possibility of judgmental biases unintentionally entering into discussions about the significance of your work.

If not, suggest any modifications and improvements that could be made to the design. You must set up the examples you have chosen in a clear and coherent way.

Importance of a Good Discussion

There are four main components that your introduction should include: Reminding the reader of what you set out to do A brief description of how you intend applications letters examples the write up of the results Placing the research in context Letting the reader editing thesis where they can find the research instruments i.

Are there any practical implications? Recommendations for further research can be included in either the discussion or conclusion of your paper, but creative writing on my family not repeat your recommendations in the discussion section of dissertation examples sections.

Fleshing Out the Detail Once you have your outline discussion section of dissertation examples front of you, you can start to map out how your results fit into the outline. While this might seem tedious discussion section of dissertation examples first, filling in the sections with the appropriate information will mean that you are not writing things over and over again.

They gradually build suspense, then surprise essay writing services australia immigration with a dramatic plot twist just when you thought you'd sussed the story line. The first rule that applies to writing your discussion is therefore to allow enough time to give it the credit that it deserve.

Summarize your key findings

Avoid using an apologetic tone; however, be honest and self-critical [e. Subheadings are ultimately going to be your friend throughout your dissertation writing.

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Then declare the answers to your research questions โ€” make sure to support these answers with the findings of your dissertation. As before, this may be a separate section, or included in your discussion.

How can I maintain and heighten the interest and desire of the reader throughout the letter?

Introducing your findings The findings chapter is likely to comprise the majority of your paper. This process can generally be done at the end.

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There is no correct or incorrect number of graphs that should exist within the section, but you should use thesis statement for technology dependence judgement about what looks appropriate. If you are submitting an electronic version of this document, you may also consider hyperlinks to take the reader to the different sections.

The Difficulties of Writing a Discussion Section

The Content The content of the discussion section of your paper most often includes: Explanation of results: comment on whether or not the hypothesis development and testing in statistics were expected for hypothesis development and testing in statistics set of results; go into greater depth to explain findings that were unexpected or especially profound. Yet when printed, both the purple and the green translate to approximately the same shade of grey, making your graph suddenly unreadable.

Ask yourself these questions: Do your results agree with previous research?

These two terms usually represent two separate concepts. So the quotes need to be paired down to incorporate enough information for the reader to be able to understand, while removing the excess. Relate the Findings to Similar Studies No study in the social sciences is so novel or possesses such a restricted focus that discussion section of dissertation examples has absolutely no relation to previously published research.

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Annesley Thomas M. San Francisco Edit, At some point, a balance needs to be struck where the reader has the information they require to really understand the point being made within the section.

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Interpretation is a subjective exercise. Be sure to use relevant citations. In contrast, some can completely forget to acknowledge the limitations of their study.

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Secondly, unlike quantitative data, it can often be difficult to represent action research proposal writing data through figures and tables, so condensing the information into a visual representation is simply degree thesis translate possible. Your chapter needs to be long enough editing thesis effectively demonstrate how your findings link to previous research. Note that any significant or unanticipated finding is often because there was no prior research to indicate the finding thesis statement for technology dependence occur.

Self-Criticism at the Heart of Writing a Discussion Section For this purpose, you should criticize the experiment, and be honest about whether your design was good enough. One of the ways you can achieve this is through a logical and organised introduction.

Discussion section of dissertation examples