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Thesaurus You will use the Atlantis Thesaurus command to find synonyms, antonyms, or definitions for words from the current document.

The thesaurus sources link provides further information regarding the sources on which terms in the thesaurus and their translations are based. The full thesaurus is not available online, but if you would like to learn about how we use it, you can do that by signing up for this past webinar on the topic of the thesaurus.

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Following the Thesaurus link in the Resources page or in the resources left-hand menu displays the BCH Thesaurus page, which provides features for searching for terms and for browsing all terms in the thesaurus. No registration required.

6 Help Synonyms and 1 Help Antonyms in Help Thesaurus As a default your search result will be grouped by the types of entities it contains: Corporate Names, Imprint Names, Places and Persons. Look up as many words as you need anytime.

It will automatically be pasted into the Clippy Bank if you have activated the Atlantis "Clippy Bank collects clipboard data" function. Downloading an article directly from the search results will not display topic cards.

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Should you require assistance, support is available in several ways. You can easily see the meaning of each by simply placing the mouse cursor over it.

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You may be using a browser that may not be fully supported. A broader term indicates the more general class to which a term belongs in the controlled vocabulary; everything that is true of a term is also true of its broader term e. You'll thesaurus help this in both search results and when you're viewing the item information page directly in other words, the page you see after you've clicked on a title from search results.

Easy to use dictionary and thesaurus. These topic cards reflect the top four most frequently mentioned topics in the document you just downloaded.

How can I make suggestions for changes to the thesaurus? A narrower term indicates a more specific term or member of a thesaurus help in the controlled vocabulary e. Links to online translations.

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Click in the word that you want to look up or replace. The title bar of the Thesaurus dialog displays the language in use.

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Find the best lego sets here and other educational learning toys at My Kid NeedsThat. You can then press Enter, or click the "Search" button: When you have chosen a synonym or antonym for the lookup word, you can press the "Copy" button.

Atlantis Word Processor Help Did you know that Visit www.

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To let your search mimic the behaviour of cover letter for college job old system, see below. Relevance is determined by how frequently the term appears in the piece of content.

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Each group will display the first 25 hits and a link to the full set, if available. Click and drag a word or branch to move it around and explore other branches. The thesaurus is visible to the public via "Topic Cards," and you can see them on JSTOR in two places: You will see "topics" listed beneath the item title and author.

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The JSTOR Thesaurus and Topic Cards