Though day at work? What do you do to relax a little bit? Watch TV? Play video games? Maybe some meeting with your dear friends?

Everything is good when you have to much stress. But there is something you can do, that will take you to the other world. You know what I have in mind?

When you ride a car, cooking dinner or even sitting in the pub. Despite all of the noise in it, something what take your attention is music. And is definetly a remedy to our troubled times full of stress.

Music is the best form of take your mind totally off. We can meditate on it, dance to it. It can make us laugh or cry. Music is great medium of pure emotions. And it is not very strange. Every art is. But sometimes, when you say every word you know to try to describe the storm inside you and it is not giving everything that you experience at the moment, music have the upper hand. When the words end, music starts.

What kind of music do you like to listen? I have no doubt, that this depend on a mood. Sometimes I even have mood to listen country music. Do you? So much simplicity in this music, in it’s form and harmonies, take me to true pure world of emotions. Times when people didn’t hide their fellings. When they loved, they sang beautiful, romantic ballads. When they felt joy they played something to dance. And all of that with accompaniment of banjos, acoustic guitars and also fiddles and harmonicas.

The history of country music began 1920s. It originated from American folk music and Western music. White American people mixed in it the most popular pieces of Irish and Celtic tunes, cowboy songs and many more various music from their own memories and fantasies. The result of theirs creativity are beautiful compositions going to their listener from the bottom of heart.