County is a kind of entertainment music which is popular and known all over the world.

This music was born in Southern United States, but now is listening everywhere through a lot of people in varying age and other interests. Its creation was at first years of 20th century. This music have a sixtht generation.

The last one continues today. At the beginning of its history, people who play this music was used only three basic instruments – acoustic guitar, violin and percussion. At present musicans using more instruments such as: electric guitar, banjo, vocals, drums, fiddle, mandolin, organ, dobro, steel guitar piano and harmonica.In 2009 year in United States of America country music was the most popular music in radio genre during the evening commute.

At present, this culture made a few subspecies from own category. To the most famous we can add: country rock, country alternative, country punk, bluegrass, country pop and western swing. Days of country music are carried on in a lot of countries and they attract a lot of people from all the world.

In Poland country music has own event in MrÄ…gowo. This party is organized every year and it is internetional. Its name is Piknik Country and his task in addition to listening to music is education about country culture and team building people who like music and want know more amazing news about it. In the most famous performers this music we can include Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood Alan Jackson. Theirs the best songs are: Hurt, Love Story, On The Road Again, Before He Cheats and Remember When.