Nowadays many spectacular careers in show business commence when the musician is very young and they develop with their coming of age.

The path of Taylor Swift has been a really outstanding one, since the country music star turned pop queen earned many awards and recorded number of hits that were on the top of many charts. Swift started as a country performer and gradually made a smooth transition to the pop genre.

Firstly, she scored many typical country music awards, as Academy of Country Music Awards, American Country Awards, or becoming a nominee of American Country Countdown Music Award. Then, in 2010, she won a Grammy for Best Country Album for her longplay entitled “Fearless”. Swift then started writing more typical pop songs that were targeted at young audience. However, despite her pop hits as “I Knew You Were Trouble”, “Shake It Off”, or “Blank Space”, which were typical pop songs, Taylor managed to collaborate with established country music stars, as actress Nicole Kidman’s husband, Keith Urban.

Today, Taylor Swift, despite her young age, remains one of the most influential musicians in the music industry, being mentioned on top alongside Beyonce, Adele, or Rihanna. In 2016, she was awarded another Grammy, this time for her longplay entitled “1989”, which symbolises the year of her birth. During her acceptance speech Swift addressed her feud with notorious singer Kanye West who claimed that she made her way to the top not by her music but sleeping around. In a tearful speech, Swift managed to emphasise that one should never give up on their dreams, no matter what some people claim.